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Top-Notch Mulching Services for a Pristine and Healthy Yard

Are you tired of dealing with an unruly and unkempt lawn? Look no further – Bens Lawn Care is here to provide you with the highest quality lawn care services in the Camden, NJ area. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your yard looks its absolute best so that you can focus on enjoying your outdoor space without hassle. From landscaping to fall cleanups, we have got you covered.

Our Services


A well-mulched yard not only looks amazing but also provides numerous benefits for the health of your vegetation. Mulching serves as a barrier against weeds, retains vital moisture in the soil, moderates soil temperatures, reduces erosion, and adds valuable organic matter back into the ground as it decomposes. We offer expert mulching services using high-quality material to give your lawn the nutrients and protection it needs while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


A beautifully landscaped yard can increase curb appeal, enhance property value, and provide a more enjoyable outdoor living space for you and your family. Our landscaping contractor will work closely with you to create a stunning garden that complements your home's exterior features, suits your taste, and meets your budget requirements. With our creative ideas combined with meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee transformative landscaping services that leave a lasting impression.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
 Whether due to age, disease, or potential safety hazards, sometimes tree removal becomes necessary. Our experienced arborists are fully equipped to safely remove trees with minimal disruption to your property. We take great care when undertaking tree removal tasks - ensuring surrounding structures remain protected while also considering ecological factors like nearby wildlife habitats.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Regular tree trimming encourages healthy growth, enhances overall appearance, and helps prevent potential hazards due to dead branches or overgrowth. Our skilled arborists know exactly which techniques and approaches to use when trimming trees of all sizes. In addition, we ensure optimal tree health by never over-trimming and using proper processes that maintain the tree's structural integrity.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance
A well-maintained lawn is central to a thriving yard, and we know just how to keep your grass looking its best. Our team specializes in all aspects of complete lawn maintenance, including mowing, edging, fertilizing, aerating, and weed management. We also diagnose and treat common lawn diseases or insect infestations, ensuring that your lawn remains lush and green year-round.

Fall Cleanups

Fall Cleanups
 As temperatures cool down and leaves begin to fall from the trees, it becomes essential to tend to your yard. We provide thorough fall cleanup services that include raking fallen leaves and debris, cutting back perennials, prepping plants for winter protection, and more. This seasonal service not only keeps your property looking clean but also sets the stage for a healthy springtime yard revival.

The Benefits

Investing in professional lawn care services offers several advantages to homeowners. Expert care ensures that your grass stays healthy throughout changing seasons while correct maintenance techniques preserve its aesthetic appeal. Professionals can also quickly identify potential problems such as pests or diseases before they become detrimental to your yard’s health – saving you time and money in the long run.

How We Work

To choose our hassle-free lawn care service, simply visit our website or call our customer support team. We’ll provide a detailed estimate based on your lawn’s size and desired services. Elevate your lawn’s aesthetic appeal with our top-notch lawn care service today!

Other Areas Served

We also proudly serve our esteemed clients who are currently residing in the following locations:

  • Merchantville Borough, NJ
  • Collingswood Borough, NJ
  • Haddonfield Borough, NJ
  • Gloucester, NJ
  • Maple Shade Township, NJ

Bens Lawn Care is a reliable lawn care company that serves yard owners residing in and around Camden, NJ. Call us today!

Client Testimonials

by Harold V. on Bens Lawn Care
Highly Recommended!

I recently hired this lawn care company to maintain my garden, and I was absolutely thrilled with the results. The team was beyond exceptional, going above and beyond to ensure my lawn was the envy of the neighborhood.

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